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Update on our Summer of Waves tee’s


Unfortunately the turnout isn’t as good as we expected. We thought the Summer of Waves tee would be our best selling yet, but it’s actually our worst. Our goal was set to 20, meaning we had to have 20 orders in order for the shirts to be printed. If it didn’t reach 20, they wont print. Luckily teespring has added the drop goal feature, so we’ll be able to drop our goal down to 10, so that the people who ordered will at least get their shirts. HOWEVER, we’re still 3 away from 10.

Please help us get to at least 10 orders, so we can lower our goal and have those 10 printed for those who ordered one. Click here to check out the Summer of Waves tee’s and order one!

Truly believe there is only a select few handful of people in the world that can understand and feel an honest connection to real, raw music in it’s purest form