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i'm ern bean • nineteen
i live in amishville, pa
i dig the outdoors
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Anonymous: Will you check out other blogs? Do you usually follow back?

It’s hard to follow everyone back but I do need some new blogs to follow so like this and I’ll check u out! I’ll do it tmrw tho bc I’m going night nights. Goodnight y’all!

Anonymous: All i need is one chance..

Yea damn right u get 1 chance to bring me the right taco box from taco bell dont fUCK it UP

Anonymous: Well would you take her back at school?


are u high???? NO. for god’s sake, the girl got mad at me and fell out of love with me because i GAVE TOO MUCH AFFECTION WHAT THE HELL EVEN??? and she wants to go out and get fucked up and do her own thing literally 24/7, where i dont mind going out every once in awhile, but it’s not who i am to want to be doing it all the time. i wanna be with someone who gives me more affection then i give them!! (not even sure if thats possible) and i also wanna be with someone who, for example, says “hey i know theres a bunch of stuff going on downtown tonight but i was thinking we could order in a ton of food, get really cuddly and watch a few movies” or have a few people over to our place instead. Why should i be with someone who doesnt like me for me?? i tried so hard with that girl, i did things that made ME unhappy just to make her happy, but her brain is too damn small to even realize that. i wanna be with someone who loves me for all of me and whos personality actually truly genuinely fits mine. with her, i wanted hers to fit mine so badly, so i twisted it to make it seem like hers really fit mine, where deep down i knew it never did and it never would, and i held onto it way too longer then i ever should’ve. it taught me what i want in a relationship, who i want, and what kind of person would truly fit my personality and needs and what not. but at the same time, it really fucked me up because it makes me feel like, hey if my girlfriend of 3 years fell out of love with me because im too affectionate and fell out of love with me just because i was being myself even though i tried so hard to make her the happy one, who is ever going to want me?? but im just taking it how it comes. life will work itsself out. i just know, after this semester i will never have to see that girl again in my life and im so looking forward to that